◦ The entrance makes all the difference ◦

RiZZ | the entrance collection

The entrance makes all the difference

RiZZ is all about products that define the entrance, the central space that accommodates many daily functions and where you make your first impression.
We created a design philosophy to improve all the different functions one can think of, outside and inside, while maintaining a strict and timeless design language.

Timeless functionality

We believe in timeless pieces that you will want to keep with you, no matter how many times you redecorate your house or how often you move to an another place. You will grow accustomed to their functionality, attached to the smooth design that fits your meandering taste trough the years. Therefore, we make products that can withstand time and even fit in different cultures and locations. That’s why you can find your RiZZ dealer in almost every region.

Clear conscience

“Think of our factory as a place of magic. Where craftmanship comes naturally because we love the products that we make. Ever since my grandfather founded the factory in 1941, skilled craftsman and local resources have been our greatest assets ”. Sebastiaan Zuiddam, 3rd generation in the company.

Indulging yourself in luxury while keeping a clear conscience in a ‘environmental friendly’ way? With RiZZ products that’s possible: Each product was especially designed to minimise it’s environmental footprint. Go see for yourself.